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Baggy. Bright music, less bright lyrics.
Sounds like Subs and gets better with time. Favorite track: That Happened.
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released March 29, 2014



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SUBS Beijing, China

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Track Name: 10000 Arrows
how do dreams come true
and how to keep dreaming
how long until we get there
and how long has it been this way
so i've gathered a snowflake
so pure white, yeah you
waiting for summer together
so charming ,yeah you
to read silently, to call loudly i love you, i love you , love, love

you hold me everynight
remember i’m still here
i hope there’s no key back to morning
i wanna be locked in love
love is the word on the screen
and the screen is huge facing me
i was sitting on the guitar case\
in the square on the coldest day
love is pink light on me
the trees are decorated by led
i was sitting on the guitar case
wearing a hoodie on the coldest day
people walk past on the freezing concrete
carrying shopping-bags printed with the word
ten thousand arrows in my mind
and where do i go, where do i go
the last time was fantastic, get away
the last gift was fantastic, get away
the last lies was fantastic, get away
the last ‘sorry’ was fantastic, get away
the last get away was fantastic, get away
Track Name: That Happened
i've seen the blue sky on this weekend
stray cats paired on the lawn by handmade den
bro handed me a bottle of beer
and threw an arm around my shoulder

pan-god talked to me for ten minutes last night
a kid was singing 'we will rock you' and running past
you said you had the new plan to finish
and i trusted you

people walking in the wind and the rain with smiling faces
and i put on my favourite old shirt
a young man lowers his head at the corner
to kiss his lover

the annoying winter is past at last
the spaceship to mars recruits volunteers
socrates said i am a citizen of the world too
i saw him waiting for me somewhere

that was all i wanted
is that why i fight so far

that happened
as a teenager
i looked forward to a brave and independent youth
that happened
and now i’m grown up
i hope i’m pure and innocent just like a teenager
let's go on to the next better song
this one will be over
it's over 4321
Track Name: Much
this is the poison on the tombstone
no one knows the content of the will
as i howl i wish i really really wish
hacking, cutting, tearing

nothing but the ivy on the tombstone
overspread the content of the will
as i howl i wish i wish
hacking, cutting, tearing

so many words had been gotten
so many birds were shot down in the sky
so many words had been forgotten
so much rain vanished in the ocean

so much clamour, always always
so much emptiness, anywhere, anywhere
i don't know the reason, simply, simply
i can't stop myself, forever, forever

as i howl
this is the poison on the tombstone
nothing but the ivy on the tombstone
Track Name: Tomorrow Knows The Answers
i saw her writing a letter on water,
and the lake was blue
sun couldn’t read it, but left moonshine
somebody has cut off her voice
somebody was a failure but wanted to be a hero

i saw her reaching out to a black hole
then the rest of her body
air was very tired, in no mood for dancing
somebody has walked off with her ovarian
somebody has tunneled a hole under the wall

i saw her walk and walk
from the arctic to egypt
the river drained away and the milky way silenced
somebody has killed her, but why
i just know tomorrow knows the answers

fly away
Track Name: Space Subs
let's begin,oh yeah

don't say that the spaceship will land
the fuel tank is on fire
look at the report, mr. spy just got it
the world had gone mad and we lost the line

comrade i wanna gamble with life
darling don't let me fall down

space subs rising up
space subs rising up

Track Name: Half Orc
over one hundred years
all people dropped the stone at wild beasts
in another hundred years
'yeah' they said 'my faith'
gone by hundred years
shivering legs knelt down by iron and steam
the last hundred years robots marrying her marrying him

they had a fit and called him 'liar' he is a liar
as the wild beast never leaves from this side
no one believes magic exists in the world
but they like gold are conjured from thin air

civil creature
noble van
strong contender
half orc

we wave claw and computer
as if possessed
almost lost balance
Track Name: Chocobo
come on lighten up
to be a traveller
don't worry today will be boring
when i tire
of walking
i may go by bicycle for wind, more wind
or if i smoke
then i'll be flying
get a bird's eye view alone
but i never
can stop
don't look back on everyday

catch me if you want, engulf me if you want
the dark lord follows me wherever i go
i gave you all of me, you have that still
but why should i dance to your pipe
you hear the voice from the darkness
scream and bawl for bright future
close to me now, away from me now
recurrent bouts of depression

hold on baby, hover over the surging waves
the soul soars across the despair and then above the clouds
hold on baby, ride on the wind now rising, now swooping
hold on baby, don't look back on everyday
Track Name: Yours
all of it,i think so
it is easy,so easy

all that you said,i think so
it is easy,so easy

i am yours,it's yours
all yours,i am yours
i standing behind you

how can 1 2 3 be 10
how can 1 billion be 3 2 1
you take the risk

i don't need my head
and i don't need my hand
my body is unnecessary
someone is deputy

i don't need my eyes
and i don't need my mouth
i may not exist
you are deputy

i am yours,it's yours,
all yours,i am yours